Vw Atlas Remote Start Range Extender. Ages ago i learnt a cool trick for extending the range too. But i will admit, the range sucks.

Vw Atlas Remote Start Range ExtenderVw Atlas Remote Start Range Extender
2021 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Remote Start Kit from parts.trendmotors.com

The key fob will start the vehicle up to a maximum range of 1/4 of a mile. Range is the same as your oem key. Well, this is the diy project for you.

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You are required to buy a remote that activates the remote start that. Compatibility is always subject to change. Recently a guy built a range extender from an old vw bug, he bolted a generator head to it and ran the wiring to his car, using a arduino and servo he was able to remotely control the engine speed from his vehicle easily, to match the output needed to sustain driving at whatever speed he was going.

Range Is The Same As Your Oem Key.

But i will admit, the range sucks. My dealer and my local car starter installer have never heard of this or have any idea about it. Range extender npn065001 purchased from.

It Sounds 100% Stupid But It Works A Treat.

It's even worse if your car's remote has terrible range, and. Ages ago i learnt a cool trick for extending the range too. Imagine warming up the engine from the comfort of your heated home in the winter or cooling the car off before climbing inside on a sweltering hot summer afternoon.

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The only remote start solution for vw(volkswagen) vehicles from 2006+, including jetta, golf, gti, passat, and tiguan vehicles. Luckily for those who want more range with their remote start feature, the volkswagen extended range remote start kit is available. No one likes walking away from the car only to wonder if you locked the doors.

Save Yourself $180.00 And Do It Yourself.

Find the extended range remote start kit in our vw parts store! Thing will start my jeep half block away, or through multiple walls at work. According to vw, this system can start the vehicle from up to ¼ of a mile away.