Pull Start Lawn Mower Hard To Pull. It is easier to pull the cord then at first but i am still getting a lot of resistance. Usually it only needs a solid short pull maybe 1 or 2 feet and its enough to turn the motor over and it revs up.

Pull Start Lawn Mower Hard To PullPull Start Lawn Mower Hard To Pull
212CC 173CC RECOIL pull starter Tool Engine Assembly Lawn from picclick.com.au

I changed the oil, flushed the fuel system, change the blade but still having the same problem. A few things can cause this to happen. If a lawnmower starter rope pulls part way, then jerks back hard, a sheared flywheel key is the most likely cause.

You Know When You Pull The Cord, It Rotates A.

The piston and cylinders won’t. Let’s take a brief look at these symptoms. This video with help you get back to mowing when your pull cord breaks.

Over Time, Some Of The Ingredients In The Fuel May Evaporate, Leaving Behind A Thicker, Stickier Substance.

Noisy engine with rough running. Pull start lawn mower hard to pull. If you want to start your lawn mower on the first pull, stand directly on the back tires, of the mower, and pull the chord straight towards your chest.

If You Had Hit Something That Stalled The Engine, It Could Have Sheared The Flywheel Key.

Be sure to bring the bar down all the way to the handle before pulling. I pulled the starter and it seems to work fine with spring and all on its own. If old fuel was left in the lawn mower, drain the old fuel from the.

This Is Most Common On Briggs And Stratton And Tecumseh Engines.

There are 2 rotations of the engine when piston reaches the top of its travel. Being able to start your lawn mower in one pull requires you to maintain your lawn mower properly. I changed the oil, flushed the fuel system, change the blade but still having the same problem.

After Reading Other Posts Here, I Tested With The Spark Plug Removed And It Turned Over Freely So I Put The Spark Plug Back In And It Fired Up Right Away, I Ran It For Maybe 15 Minutes, There Was Some Initial White Smoke From It But Nothing Else.

When this happens, it is hard to start the engine and it will yank the starter rope out of your hand. Setting the valves makes a massive difference to how easily a lawnmower pulls over. This is most common on briggs and stratton and tecumseh engines.