How To Trim Mustache Over Lip. All the hair should be facing a downward direction before you begin trimming them. The easiest way would be to grow out a full handlebar mustache or hungarian.

How To Trim Mustache Over LipHow To Trim Mustache Over Lip
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If you find that you've become quite fond of your mustache over the course of the month, this style will provide the perfect basis to continue growing. Not trimming can lead to a much 'fuller', 'bigger' looking moustache. It can be most annoying having hair from the top lip always curling into your mouth!

If You Find That You've Become Quite Fond Of Your Mustache Over The Course Of The Month, This Style Will Provide The Perfect Basis To Continue Growing.

Finally, brush the mustache hairs upward using a small mustache comb and trim any stray hairs hanging over your upper lip using a pair of grooming scissors. How to trim your mustache: Comb it to the sides:

It Really Depends On What Style You Going For.

Expose the upper lip line by trimming around the lip. This should create a horseshoe shape. Trim the center of the mustache up around your lower lip.

Again, Make Sure That You Are Not Making A Face While Inspecting Your Mustache While Trimming It.

The shape of the stache is entirely up to you. Learn how to cut around the upper lip when trimming a mustache in this free grooming video from a profe. It’s not until your beard and moustache get to a certain length where you are able to use beard balm and wax to sweep it to one side.

For This Step, I Prefer To Trim From The Midline Of The Mustache To One Edge And Then Repeat It On The Other Side.

You don't keep your hair out of your mouth. You must make sure that all the hairs are lined up and do the same for the sides of the mustache. This is because you have to go through a time where the hairs are significantly itchy and irritating to your top and bottom lips.

The Last Area To Trim Is The Top Of Your Mustache.

When trimming follow the lip line and snip small sections that hang over the lip and those that exceed to the lip line. Trim all hairs to the same length. Part your moustache in half, then apply wax to the moustache to keep it in place.