How To Find Your Septic Tank Leach Field

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How To Find Your Septic Tank Leach Field

How To Find Your Septic Tank Leach Field. You can use a probe to find the lid. And without knowing precisely how big your field should be, it can lead to ground contamination at worst and a nasty cleanup effort at best.

How To Find Your Septic Tank Leach FieldHow To Find Your Septic Tank Leach Field
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While all septic tank drain fields require regular inspection, you can save a lot of money by digging one yourself. Since the tank is located just to the opposite side of the house, drain lines go to the leach field. Contact a septic system provider to help you locate it.

While All Septic Tank Drain Fields Require Regular Inspection, You Can Save A Lot Of Money By Digging One Yourself.

This is the diagram that shows where your septic system’s components are. This can be downloaded online or copied from the one that gave the permit to have your septic system built. The important thing to know is that your outlet port is parallel with your inlet port.

Contact A Septic System Provider To Help You Locate It.

The most reliable method to locate your septic tank field lines is to reach out to your local health department. How to find your septic system. This candy cain type pipe can be hidden with a plant or shrub that has very shallow roots and will not enter the perforated pipe.

When Searching For Drain Lines, Never Use Heavy Machinery, Wrecking Bars Or Jackhammers.

If you have a septic tank on your property, you will need a septic tank drain field, also known as a leach field or leach drain to complete the system and make it functional. Check to see if smelly water pours back into the septic tank when it is pumped by your septic service. How to find your septic tank leach field.

If Your Leach Field Is Properly Maintained, Then It Will Be Both Invisible And Silent.

Once you have found the location of the septic tank, your next step will be to find the lid. I found a spot over the field which was spongy so i dug up that area. A septic tank probe can also help you find the location.

Check The Natural Slope Of The Land To Locate The Leach Field.

Taking the proper precautions beforehand will save you a lot of headaches in the long run. Pumping the tank extends drainfield life by avoiding pushing solids into the drainfield, but pumping the septic tank will never fix a clogged, failed drainfield. The distribution box for your septic system is usually located past the main tank and connects to all of the leach field pipes.